Mark Daily

Yucca district resident

“You’ve made a very positive difference during your time on city council and I know you will continue to do so.
Thank you for your dedication and service!”

Linda Mey

Glendale resident

“Proud of all things you accomplished. I Trust your abilities and your motives to do the right thing.”

Bob Stratton

Yucca district resident

“Outstanding news Joyce that you will continue to represent us in the Yucca district. A huge thanks as we all realize this is a big commitment and a lot of work on your behalf. Count me in for support!”

Tom Traw

Yucca district resident

“Joyce, Thank you for willing to continue serving our district and completing Heroes park. Thank you for using common sense for the benefit of the people. We need you desperately on the council.”

Connie Keiser

Glendale resident

“You are an important part of the “checks and balances” our Council needs in order to watch out for the taxpayers. You have done a great job and have always done your homework on issues.”

Jarvi Brown Harty

Glendale resident

“You are a great advocate for the people of Glendale. Thank you for your past service and your announcement that you will continue to serve!”