“As your Yucca district councilmember my goal has been to be your voice. We all want the same things – secure employment , safe and secure neighborhoods, great educational and recreational opportunities, and excellent service from our city. 

These are the priorities I work on every day for you. During my years of service to you I have proven my leadership and commitment. 

It would be my honor to continue to serve you.”



In 2012, the city was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. Due to a series of council decisions, sometimes painful, the goal of restoring its Contingency Fund (Rainy Day Fund) to a healthy balance of Fifty Million Dollars will be achieved this fiscal year. The Vice Mayor’s decisions made in conjunction with the rest of the city council have caused the city’s bond ratings to improve year over year. Standard & Poor’s rating is now AA – with a stable outlook. Fitch Ratings is its highest at AAA, with a stable outlook. These ratings are independent and prove that Glendale’s finances are being well managed.


Cities compete to attract and retain businesses within their communities. With city council approval Vice Mayor Clark instituted a Council Business Subcommittee whose goal is to make Glendale the most attractive Valley city for businesses by eliminating regulations and modifying others. The work of the committee has already had an impact by recommending to city council the elimination of some proposed regulations within the International Building Codes. Those recommendations were adopted by a unanimous city council. The committee has as its members, three councilmembers and six stakeholders within the business community.


An ongoing issue for the residents of the Yucca District (West Glendale) is the completion of Heroes Park. It has been in the city’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) since 1998, for over 20 years. Other city council priorities and a national recession are some of the reasons for its delay. Vice Mayor Clark considers this to be the highest priority for the Yucca district. She was successful in getting Phase I of the west branch library completed and opened this spring. She is now working to get the first phase of the park’s water feature funded and constructed.


As the city expands westward, beyond 115th Avenue, responsible development that pays for itself is a priority for Vice Mayor Clark. Most Glendale residents, in fact an estimated 70% of our workforce, travels out of Glendale every day to work. The area west of 115th Avenue must be an area of job creation. As the city moves forward with its planning development for that area Joyce is working to ensure that it becomes an area of office, manufacturing, distribution and commercial development so that more Glendale residents can work inside their own community.


It is important that a city be livable. One of the factors that determines a city’s livability is the amenities its offers to its residents. After years of lack of funding at the request of the Vice Mayor and with council’s unanimous approval, ten million dollars for each of the next four fiscal years, will be added to the Parks and Recreation budget to not only refocus on the repair and maintenance of existing parks and recreational facilities but to also complete recreational opportunities still remaining and to construct new opportunities.


Glendale has always prided itself on excellent customer service but in recent years some aspects of that service have diminished. A city-wide recommitment to delivering outstanding service in under way. Vice Mayor Clark supports this goal and supports the greater use of technology and innovation to achieve it. Part of that solution will occur as a result of the Council Code Review Committee composed of citizens and councilmembers. The Vice Mayor serves on this newly created committee and is eager to work with Glendale’s residents to improve service delivery.